To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Welcome to xamountofwords, a baking and occasional cooking blog.


Hello there! I'm Ashley. For as long as I can remember, I've always loved baking, photography, and writing. For me, xamountofwords is my way of combining three things I love. My younger self always wanted an Easy Bake Oven but when I asked my mom, she said I was big enough to use the real oven. (With supervision, naturally.) My love of baking took off from there and I never really looked back. I will admit, you can get more accomplished with a real oven.

My goal here is to share two things: my adventures through my kitchen, one treat at a time, and my photography adventures. Occasionally, if I get adventurous, I may even share a food recipe. (Disclaimer: I can almost guarantee that any non baking recipe will be pizza related. I love pizza.)

Photography has always been another love of mine. From film to the first digital camera we owned. It had an impressive 1.7 megapixel camera. The best part? Floppy disks as storage.

These days, I mainly shoot with my newly acquired Pentax K-50. Before that, I was using a Pentax K-X. In this technological world we live in, I now own a smartphone with a twenty megapixel camera. Occasionally I'll use that.

As far as subject matter goes, I like to take pictures of pretty much everything. I enjoy exploring areas with my camera. Architectural aspects, whether they are new or in a state of repair, are always favorites of mine. Animals too. My cats and dog are quite often the subjects of my photo shoots.

Any product mentions I may make are because I love and actively use the products. I am currently not affiliated with any companies. If that were to change in the future, I will include a disclaimer. All images are my own unless credited. Please do not use without permission.


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