Let's have a cheer from everyone. It's time to party. Making Christmas, making Christmas.

2:48 PM


Love this food coloring. It's the best for vibrant colors that stay true.

I thought I'd drop by with a quick update before I start my holiday baking posts. (Stay tuned -- those will come this week! Official baking day is Tuesday afternoon, possibly into Wednesday afternoon.) My husband and I are hosting a holiday party this afternoon so I thought I'd share the treats I made for today.



Somewhere over the years, I acquired a kit to make this cookie tree. Today was my first time using it and it was a pretty easy process that looks harder than it appears.

And in a final bit of exciting news, Christmas came a little early for us!

My father in law gifted us a new stove for Christmas which is beyond awesome. Our old stove was approximately a million years old. (Okay, so maybe only like fifteen, but still.) I was never able to bake two sheets of cookies at once because without fail, the bottom tray would burn. Every time. I'm still adjusting to this one but I'm excited for it.

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